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On-Site Insight

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Our sight is the most perfect and most delightful of all our senses. It fills the mind with the largest variety of ideas, converses with its objects at the greatest distance, and continues the longest in action without being tired or satiated with its proper enjoyments.

Joseph Addison

On-Site Insight

Managed care, government regulation, financing, competition, rising costs and shrinking revenues are just some of the challenges that we have helped the members of Professional Vision Group tackle.
Our members have managed to build new offices, launch practices, form partnerships, and reach their goals with us by their side.

These are some of the benefits our team can offer you:

  •  Monthly on-site insight – we use team meetings, goal setting and follow up to ensure that your goals and dreams are on track.
  •  Accountability – we look you in the eye. We face challenges side-by-side with you.
  •  Your practice is our business – this is not a part-time job or hobby for us. We consider practice management & marketing for private eye care offices our calling.
  •  Coaching – we are engaged with you through all the processes. We know that a relationship with you and your eye care team is the only way to ensure your success.
  •  Empowerment – persuade and motivate your team.
  •  Involved – we are loyal and accessible to you and your goals.