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Client Reviews

In this constantly changing ophthalmic industry, Professional Vision Group, allows me to concentrate on patient care. They bring a wealth of knowledge concerning management, marketing, and staffing that impact my delivery of that care. Together, we created a business plan that will enable my office to provide the very best products care and service to all of my patients.

Milton McFarland, O.D.

McFarland Optometry, Greensboro, NC

Starting from scratch can be a very scary thing. It has been a huge help to have the experts of PVG guide me through the process and stand by me through thick and thin. I am glad I chose PVG to be on my team.

Juawana Hall, O.D.

Hillcrest Vision, Winston-Salem, NC

We’ve been using PVG for a number of years now with continued growth of our practice. Guiding us through the planning, financing, and construction of a new facility, numerous staff hires, and now the addition of an associate optometrist, PVG has been there every step of the way. Truly a partner in our success.

Jim Herman, O.D.

Hurricane, WV

I first hired PVG because they had a plan and they knew how to Implement It. They represented successful practices; therefore I believed they could help me.

Gary St. Clair, O.D.

Lynchburg, VA

I have been working with Donald and PVG for 2 years now. I had reached a point 17+ years into owning my practice where my practice and revenue had grown as each as my expertise and knowledge would allow and I needed help to reach the next level. I had worked with other consulting groups but always had trouble implementing the things I learned once I got home and became swamped with seeing patients and administrative tasks. so they never seemed to get done. One of the things that intrigued me about PVG was my consultant would personally visit my practice once a month and help with staff training and implementing changes in a positive way that caused the staff to be accepting of these changes. They paired me up with Donald and from the start we had a great connection. He really listened to understand what my challenges and goals were from both a professional and personal perspective then worked a plan step by step to help me achieve them. He is creative, resourceful, energetic, and positive with just enough toughness to get the job done. He works independent of me when necessary and is fabulous at handling my staff in a way that motivates them, nurtures their sense of ownership in the practice and makes them feel like an integral part of the team. I have reached many of those goals and my practice has more structure with written procedures and policies in place that enable my practice to run much more smoothly and effi-ciently. I have less stress at work and more free time in my personal life to enjoy my family and children who are quickly growing up and will soon leave for college. Donald has been not only a great resource for my practice and business mentor for me but has become my friend as well.

Melissa Curl, O.D.

Hoover, AL

It’s clear that they are passionate about their clients and truly concerned about our success.

Steven Elliot, O.D.

Knoxville, TN