“Just because you are in the country doesn’t mean you don’t want the best.”

Drs. Gossett and Ward have practiced in the picturesque mountains of Western North Carolina for more than 40 years.  He is from just up the road in Murphy and she was a big city girl from Charlotte. Together they pioneered new technologies and vision treatments.

Family Eye Care Professionals of Franklin, North Carolina prove that you don’t have to quit changing and adapting.

It’s is in their blood.  Or at least their DNA.  Dr. Catherine Ward and Dr. Daryl Gossett both had fathers who owned private optometry practices.

“Things were much different in those days” Dr. Gossett remembers.  “Everything was done old school. No computers or digital imaging back then.”

“When we graduated from optometry school we embraced new lenses like Varilux progressives, Crizal,  and Transitions.” Dr. Ward said.  “It was a great way that people of our area could have the best products in the world.  Just because you are in the country doesn’t mean you don’t want the best.”

Being the best has always been a driving force for them.

They embraced Electronic Health Records before most of their peers and invested in digital imaging decades ago.  They were one of the first practices to offer medical-grade neti pots, hypoallergenic cosmetics, and supplements.

“We learned a long time ago that you have to take an active role in your practice,” Dr. Gossett said.  “As the owner you have to stay up on everything.  You have to know it, but let your team do it.”

Never one to sit back and enjoy their success, Drs. Gossett and Ward are always looking for ways to “change things up.”  A few years ago they completely transformed the look and feel of their office environment.  Outside comes indoors with gentle fires and soothing waterfalls in the welcome center, pick your eyewear out of an endless stream, and relax to the sights and sounds of nature all around.

“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  We have been practicing Optometry for 43 and 41 years respectively and have been clients of PVG for over 20 of those years,” Dr. Ward said. “They have been an integral part of making it a pleasure to come to work and helping our office to stay abreast of the many changes in eye care over the years.”

“The PVG consultants are on the cutting edge of policies and procedures.  They also help the doctors and the team reach their highest potential while having fun along the way,” Dr. Gossett added.