On-Site Insight

Our team of expert consultants works on-site with you

to help you manage patient care, government regulations, finances, competitors, and more. Together, we evaluate your goals and develop strategies for achieving long-term success. We take care of your business, so you can take care of your patients.

Our team can provide you with:


Monthly on-site insight

We use team meetings, goal setting and follow up to ensure that your goals and dreams are on track.
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We look you in the eye. We face challenges side-by-side with you.

Complete dedication

This is not a part-time job or hobby for us. We consider practice management & marketing for private eye care offices our calling.
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Expert coaching

We are engaged with you through all the processes. We know that a relationship with you and your eye care team is the only way to ensure your success.
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We will help you persuade and motivate your team.

In-depth involvement

We are loyal, passionate, and accessible to you, your team, and your goals.