A successful team beats with one heart.

There is an old saying, “A successful team beats with one heart.”

At PVG, we often use the term “heart of care” to describe the kind of culture that produces genuine and heartfelt care.  This loving and sincere approach to patient care and service is the cornerstone of the modern private practice.  Our relationships will ensure that no matter what the political, retail, or economic climate, we will stay competitive.

But how does a team “beat with one heart?”  What is the secret?  Vince Lombardi summed it up best when he described his Packers championship team.  “They didn’t do it for individual glory.  They did it because they loved one another…”

So what brings a team together?  There are at least three main aspects of a successful team that produce a “heart of care.”

It starts with a vision.  Does your team have and know their vision?   A well-crafted vision statement should:

  • touch on how all benefit from the vision – patients and team members alike
  • be your own – not a copy of someone else’s
  • lead with strengths

The driving force of teamwork is leadership:

  • Does the leadership of the practice model the vision?
  • Can the team tell from the actions, not just the words, of the leader what the vision of the practice is?
  • Do all team members share in the leadership of the practice through the contributions of their talents?
  • Does the leadership fill the “love tank” of all by giving people what they need –  respect, appreciation, interesting work, and more?
And last but not least, is service to each other.
  • Does the team practice kindness, respect, honesty, and generosity with each other.  We all know to treat patients well but what about each other?
  • More than 80% of our time is spent in “service” to each other – our internal customers.  Is that internal service functional and excellent?
In this month of love, it is a great time to pause and look at your team’s “one heart.”