Opportunities for Eye Care Practitioner Employment, Buy ins, and Buy Outs

We have been in the business of helping private eye care practices since 1989.  We visit the practice once a month and deliver on site evaluation and implementation of growth strategies, management systems, government compliance, and marketing systems like our Get Discovered online presence program.  In between visits we provide coaching and support for the functions that make private practice profitable and robust.

One of the points in the evolution of a practice is adding associates, partners, and structuring buy ins and buy outs.

Each situation is unique and requires experience and know how to get through it.  When you hear it is “just business” nothing could be further from the truth.  Buying and selling a private practice is an emotional issue because of the individual investment and legacy involved.  We provide coaching, valuations, and guide the process of buying and selling.

That is why we are always looking for young practitioners who are looking for a future in private practice.  We have clients from Pennsylvania and Ohio down through Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia.  All of the opportunities we have are with sincere, professional practices looking for like-minded practitioners to carry on the brand and vision.  As you can imagine, since they are all private practices, each brand, legacy and environment is different.  Each market is different and ranges from rural to metropolitan areas.

If you or your friends and colleagues are interested in hearing more about employment and buy in opportunities we would love to talk to you or them!

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You can easily reach me at cmorris@provisiongroup.com.