Several of Our Southern Cities Lead Job Recovery

A report filed for the U.S. Conference of Mayors shows many major cities lead the pack for jobless rate recovery since the recession, according to USA Today.  Vibrant Southern cities have or will soon recover from the jobless rate caused by the recession in 2008.

Charleston, SC recovered spring of last year followed by Raleigh which recovered its 6% loss in the fall of last year.  Durham broke even the first quarter of this year.  Charlotte expects to regain its more than 8% loss and Knoxville its almost 6% loss this fall.

Richmond expects to recover its almost 6% loss at the beginning of next year.  Virginia Beach, Chattanooga, Columbia and Greenville expect to regain their lost jobs early 2015.  Greensboro lags behind with its almost 10% loss recovering at the end of 2017.