Thank You for all that You Do

The team at Professional Vision Group extends their gratitude and admiration to the teams of private eye care practices that have persevered through a tumultuous time.  2020 has truly been the year of the eye exam as we watched practitioners, technicians, and administrators struggle to provide safe, quality eye care for our communities.

  • We are grateful to the owner-operator practitioners who resolved to keep their employees paid.
  • We are grateful to the parents of students who struggled to balance work, home, and school life.
  • We have been inspired by the positive attitude and determination of every team.
  • We are grateful to the dedicated teams that never complained about having to give up unemployment benefits to return to work.
  • We are grateful to the “can do” people who have made up the deficit from COVID-19 shutdowns and are now up for the year.

We are honored to work with the best.  Happy Thanksgiving and may the holidays be safe and happy for all!