Thanks Living – an attitude of gratitude

During the month of November, Facebook is full of expressions of gratitude but for singer, songwriter and farmer Richie Tipton, being thankful every day has become a way of life.    He set out on what has become a fairly popular mission – list at least three unique things every day for which he is grateful.  Richie discovered what main stream psychology has recently discovered and spiritual leaders have known for thousands of years, that an attitude of gratitude can lead to emotional and physical well-being.

Richie was tired of the negativity he saw on Facebook.  Instead of griping about it and becoming the problem, he chose to post about the good things in his life.  As he opened his eyes to the world around him and the abundance of his life, his entire outlook changed.

At the University of Michigan, psychology professor Chris Peterson has a unique assignment for his students – write a thank you letter to someone to whom you are grateful.  Students reported an improved attitude and renewed interest in life after his course.

In 2002, studies found that people who choose to be thankful had lower blood pressure, reduced risks for heart disease, better sleep patterns, and an overall feeling of well-being.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Why not adopt an attitude of Thanks Living all the time, not just on Thanksgiving?  Challenge yourself to find the things you are grateful for, document it, and look back every now and then on what you have discovered. You will be better off for it.